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nFPM is a simple, 0-dependencies, deb, rpm, apk, and Arch Linux packager.


While fpm is great, for me, it is a bummer that it depends on ruby, tar and other software.

I wanted something that could be used as a binary and/or as a library and that was really simple.

So I decided to create nFPM: a simpler, 0-dependency, as-little-assumptions-as-possible alternative to fpm.

nFPM is not FPM

This is a subtle way of saying it won't have all features, nor all formats that fpm has: it is supposed to be simpler.

And that's OK!, most of us don't need all those features most of the time.

How does it work?

You create a YAML file with the definition of what you need, run the nfpm binary, and it takes care of everything.

The same config file can be used to create both the RPM and Deb packages.